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Terms of Service

In this certificate we are writing constitutes around which website will operate. We will also write about our content moderation policy, website services, server infrastructure, website availability and performance.

Furthermore, if you have questions about legal usage of website contents please check with our Copyright Policy.


You should be using standard web browser software or you should be using such a product which has through human interaction. RSS feeds which are provided in XML format is only exception which is accessed by search engine’s bots else we strongly discourage accessing our website via automated scripts, bots or applications.

Furthermore, if you try to access our website via any automated script, boot or application; your access to our website will be terminated either temporarily or permanently. In some cases users try to download many large files concurrently, in such a case your access to website can be blocked as well. These of our steps are to give best user-experience to common web users who are willing to access our website in a genuine way.

We discourage automated scripts, bots and applications because all these means can seriously degrade performance of our website. It can also put an additional cost for us without sufficient revenue and can leave back a negative impact of our website for normal quality users.

We want you to respect our stated guidelines so we should be offering a quality platform for visitors to download quality contents without problems. Your cooperation is must.


You are not allowed to directly hyperlink any image or any other large file which is placed on server without prior permission. You can link individual HTML or XML webpage. Other than that of RSS feeds in XML format which is publicly available, no other part of the website should be integrated into any other application or service without prior permission.

User-submitted Content

We are a community website so we courage web users to send us primary contents to publish them on our website. Right at the moment we are accepting contents submission in the form of desktop wallpapers. After you have submitted contents to our website, to maintain quality we will review your submitted contents and will made them publicly available after a quality review.

You can also leave back your comments for our publicly available contents. Your left appropriate comment will be made visible to public directly on our website. We courage for your positive and valuable feedback which should be directly related to contents published on website. We strongly discourage personal insult, sexual, explicit, intensive, racially, implied and off-topic discussions on our website. We also do not recommend you to post personal identifiable information whether it relates to you or to any other individual. Minors should post comments after they have been allowed by their guardians.

We have our own content moderation team which has a right to moderate any submitted or published content. Moderators can edit or delete any contents and at any time to make it sure that only quality content is offered to web users. Criteria of moderation can vary from time to time.


We being a team for try our level best to give website users best user experience. Our objective is maintaining availability and performance of our website and services related to it. However 100% uptime and accessibility cannot be guaranteed as well because of some planned or emergency maintenance, server migrations, hardware upgrades or failures, bug fixing, hacking or exploitation of website.


We being a team are not legally responsible for any financial loss, injury or damage because of website’s associated contents. On the other hand we try our level best to provide only quality contents to website visitors.

If you have further inquires or question please visit our Contact us page.

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